A Message to the Fans

To the loving fans of Conway Twitty,

Our father, Conway Twitty, passed away June 5, 1993, leaving behind a 35 year musical legacy.  In his will, he entrusted this legacy to us, his four children.  He was a loving father and a remarkable human being with extraordinary talent.   
He poured his heart and soul into his music, not only as a singer and entertainer, but also as songwriter and producer. His 55 number one records and his 110 albums along with his record breaking attendance at concerts and his countless awards mark his place in musical history.
We are excited to announce the launching of the official Conway Twitty web site.  The site will honor him and will honor the millions of Conway Twitty fans who loved and supported him throughout his career.
Daddy loved his fans. He spent countless hours after concerts signing autographs and meeting many of you personally.  We know your love of  him did not stop when his life ended and are grateful for your devotion to Dad's memory. It has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  
The site will be the official home for his music and his life. In the next few months we will be announcing several very exciting events and look forward to sharing our father's legacy with you. Thank you for your patience.  
We stand united to do everything in our power to reconnect with dad's loyal fans and to acquaint the next generation of fans to his enduring legacy.
With love and appreciation to you all,
Joni, Kathy, Jimmy and Michael
Conway Twitty United